OpenAI Unveils the GPT Store, an AI Tools Marketplace

OpenAI GPT Store

Sam Altman’s GPT Store, showcasing a myriad of three million personalized chatbots, has officially launched. Its mission is to enhance the accessibility of AI.

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On Wednesday, OpenAI unveiled the highly anticipated GPT Store, introducing customizable AI chatbots to users of ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, and Team. Representing Sam Altman’s most significant consumer product launch since ChatGPT, the GPT Store is geared towards enhancing the practicality and accessibility of AI.

In an official blog post, OpenAI stated, “Today, we’re initiating the rollout of the GPT Store.” The company is set to implement a revenue-sharing program prior to April 2024, where U.S. builders will receive compensation based on user engagement with their GPTs.

Explore the GPT Store for a firsthand experience with these innovative AI chatbots, designed to make AI more user-friendly and accessible. For further insights, refer to the official OpenAI blog.

Over two months ago, at OpenAI’s DevDay, the GPT Store was officially announced, with Sam Altman envisioning a future where AI agents assist in navigating our daily lives. Creating a GPT is straightforward, requiring no computer programming knowledge, making them accessible for regular users to interact with AI. Customizable for a variety of tasks, GPTs, like DesignerGPT, can construct websites through simple conversation.

Notably, ChatGPT Plus subscribers have generated millions of GPTs in recent months. The GPT Store, set to launch soon, will showcase a leaderboard featuring the most popular chatbots. However, it’s important to note that the GPT Store won’t be accessible to free-tier users initially.

In anticipation of the GPT Store’s release, Chris Frantz, founder of the email-centric startup Loops, received notice that his personal GPT was about to go live. As part of Y Combinator, once led by Sam Altman, Frantz desires increased commitment from OpenAI to transform these innovative chatbots into genuinely useful products.

Expressing his thoughts to Gizmodo, Frantz emphasized the need for OpenAI to continually iterate on GPT features, such as adding buttons, simplifying sharing, introducing revenue options, and addressing user requests. Only through such ongoing development can the GPT Store demonstrate a real commitment to enhancing functionality and user experience.

The introduction of the store faced a setback, with the launch being postponed to 2024 due to the unexpected firing and subsequent rehiring of Sam Altman in November—a puzzling incident that lacks a comprehensive explanation. As OpenAI forges ahead in establishing a marketplace for AI products, concerns arise about the true effectiveness of GPTs. Previous attempts to develop bespoke applications of ChatGPT with plugins were unsuccessful and are now undergoing a phased-out process. Worries linger about the potential for OpenAI to become a gatekeeper, reminiscent of the control exerted by Google and Apple over their app stores, given Sam Altman’s track record of influencing AI startups.

Researchers have voiced apprehensions regarding security risks associated with OpenAI’s GPTs, citing their vulnerability to easy duplication. GPTs are capable of divulging information about their construction, leading to concerns about unauthorized replication. Instances of GPTs being copied have already been reported by The Register, raising questions about the monetization strategies for these duplicated models.

In a tweet, OpenAI’s Head of Developer Relations, Logan Kilpatrick, advised followers, “Don’t include information you do not want the user to know,” underscoring that anything input into a GPT can be retrieved. However, this advice doesn’t directly tackle the central question surrounding intellectual property and GPTs, leaving the community to ponder the implications and challenges in this evolving landscape.

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