Skoda plans to incorporate ChatGPT technology into its vehicle systems


Skoda has joined the ranks of companies incorporating ChatGPT into their vehicles, following the recent announcement from Volkswagen about integrating ChatGPT into some of its cars. Now, Skoda, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, is set to introduce ChatGPT into its vehicle lineup.

The integration involves embedding ChatGPT into the Skoda Laura voice assistant, specifically on models based on the MEB GP and MQB EVO platforms. This enhancement is made possible by leveraging Cerence Chat Pro to power the ChatGPT integration in Skoda cars.

Scheduled to roll out from mid-2024, the new chatbot feature will be seamlessly integrated with the latest generation of infotainment systems. It is poised to be available in selected models, including versions of the Škoda Enyaq, the new-generation Škoda Superb and Kodiaq, and the updated Škoda Octavia, all based on the MEB GP and MQB EVO platforms.

Cerence Chat Pro introduces a host of advanced capabilities to the Laura voice assistant, surpassing traditional voice commands. This means users can now utilize the Laura voice assistant to manage various functions such as infotainment, navigation, air conditioning, and even seek answers to general knowledge queries. Looking ahead, the integration with ChatGPT promises continuous expansion of capabilities, providing additional information beyond conventional queries, enhancing the in-car experience by facilitating enriched conversations, resolving queries, and engaging in intuitive language – all hands-free for increased safety for both drivers and passengers during journeys.

For more in-depth information on the integration of ChatGPT into Skoda cars, interested individuals can visit the Skoda website using the link provided below. The unveiling of this integration raises anticipation about the innovative features that ChatGPT will bring to the driving experience.

Source: Skoda

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