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What activities are available in Palworld’s multiplayer mode?

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Palworld, the survival crafting game with a Pokémon-inspired twist, includes a multiplayer element that adds an extra layer of excitement. Although there is no PvP (Player versus Player) feature, you can team up with friends to construct expansive bases and tackle challenges together. However, certain aspects of progression still require individual efforts.

Despite its occasional intricacies, playing Palworld becomes even more enjoyable with a group of friends. In the following sections, we elaborate on the workings of multiplayer and crossplay (or its absence) in Palworld.


Unlocking the multiplayer experience in Palworld is a breeze, and you have two options: either host or join friends in a personal save file (supporting up to four players) or dive into the action on a dedicated server (with a cap of 32 players). Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Hosting or Joining a Personal Save File:
    • Input the invite code to either host or join your friends in a personal save file.
    • The host player can find the invite code in their options.
    • If the invite code isn’t visible, the host may need to toggle the multiplayer option in the world settings.
    • Remember to share the invite code with your friends for each new session, as a new code generates every time.
  2. Joining a Dedicated Server:
    • Explore your options by joining public Palworld servers or hosting your own.
    • Alternatively, consider using a hosting website for a smoother experience.
    • Dedicated servers are currently exclusive to Steam, expanding your multiplayer potential beyond four-player sessions.

With this guide, you’ll effortlessly navigate the world of Palworld multiplayer, maximizing the fun with friends and exploring the vast possibilities of dedicated servers on Steam.


Engaging in multiplayer mode in Palworld brings about distinct dynamics compared to the standard single-player experience. Here are key distinctions to note:

  1. Cooperative Boss Battles:
    • Group up to conquer tower bosses like Zoe and Grizzbolt, fostering teamwork for shared victories.
  2. Guilds as Collaborative Parties:
    • Guilds function akin to parties, restricting base construction collaboration to guild members. For unique base designs, each player may prefer being in their individual guild.
  3. Consequences of Death:
    • Upon death, players lose not only their gear but also all their Pals, adding an extra layer of challenge.
  4. Solo World Exploration:
    • Exploration of the game world remains a solo endeavor, with players individually revealing the map and unlocking fast travel points.
  5. Unique Loot and Item Ownership:
    • Loot, including chests and shiny Pal Spheres, is tied to the game world rather than individual players. Once picked up by one player, others cannot claim it.
  6. Multiplayer Challenges and Server Issues:
    • Some unique challenges arise in multiplayer, such as difficulty navigating cliffs without falling and occasional discrepancies in item counts during construction on dedicated servers. It’s worth noting that Palworld is in early access, and these issues may be attributed to ongoing development.

As you delve into the multiplayer realm of Palworld, embrace these nuances for an enhanced collaborative gaming experience.

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