URGENT: Global Outage Strikes Facebook and Instagram, Users Struggle to Access Accounts


In a sudden turn of events, Facebook outage and Instagram outage are grappling with a worldwide, leaving users unable to log in. Both desktop and mobile users are affected, encountering error messages that can’t log into facebook.

Image credits : Google Images : indiatoday

Technical Glitches Hit Meta-Owned Platforms

The disruption extends to Meta-owned platforms, Facebook down, Instagram down, and Threads, disrupting access for countless users on this Tuesday. Across these social media platforms, various functionalities are compromised.

Login Hurdles and Feed Dysfunctionality

Facebook users find themselves unexpectedly facebook session expired, facing a frustrating inability to log back in. Likewise, Instagram users encounter obstacles in refreshing their feeds, as stories and comments fail to load for many. Threads, an app under Meta’s umbrella, experiences a complete shutdown upon launch, displaying an error message.

Swift Influx of Complaints

Reports on DownDetector, a renowned internet service outage tracker, flood in swiftly for all three platforms, mirroring the widespread user dissatisfaction. Despite the avalanche of complaints, Meta has yet to issue an official acknowledgment of the problem.

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