Inspector Rishi: Prime Video Premiere Date Confirmed


In the midst of a tranquil mountain village, a skeptical inspector named Rishi Nandhan embarks on a daunting investigation. With the assistance of two diligent sub-inspectors, Rishi delves into a perplexing string of murders that have shaken the serene community to its core. The killings, shrouded in mystery, are attributed to a malevolent entity known as the Vanaratchi, a deadly forest spirit whispered about in local folklore. As Rishi navigates through the tangled web of clues and superstitions, he grapples with unraveling the truth behind the sinister events haunting the village.

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Release Date: March 29, 2024 Language: Tamil (Dubbed In Hindi, Telugu) Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror Creator: J.S. Nandhini Director: J.S. Nandhini Writer: J.S. Nandhini Cinematography: Bargav Sridhar, Goutham Govindarajan Producer: Jithin Thorai Music Director: Ashwath Production: Make Believe Productions Episodes: 10


  • Naveen Chandra
  • Sunaina Yella
  • Srikrishna Dayal
  • Kanna Ravi
  • Malini Jeevarathnam
  • Kumaravel
  • Harini Sundararajan
  • Semmalar Annam
  • Misha Ghoshal
  • Gajaraj


In the web series “Inspector Rishi: Unveiling the Vanaratchi,” follow the journey of skeptical crime branch Inspector Rishi Nandhan, along with two dedicated sub-inspectors, Ayyanar and Chitra, as they delve into a series of enigmatic murders plaguing a quaint mountain village. These gruesome crimes are believed to be the handiwork of a malevolent forest spirit known as the Vanaratchi. As Inspector Rishi navigates through the intricate web of clues and superstitions, the true nature of the killings slowly unravels, revealing dark secrets hidden within the heart of the village.

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