Canadians Share Their “Last Straw” Moments with Loblaw, Sparking Nationwide Trend


A growing number of Canadians are voicing their frustration with retail giant Loblaw, citing pivotal moments that led them to cease shopping at its stores.

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In an online discussion within the “Loblaws is out of control” subreddit group, users were prompted to share the incidents that pushed them to seek alternative shopping destinations.

One commenter highlighted the tipping point when their routine grocery expenses at Loblaw surpassed those at Costco, prompting them to reconsider their loyalty.

Another emphasized shifts in pricing strategies, particularly the introduction of multi-item sales promotions, as the reason for discontinuing patronage.

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Moreover, security measures implemented in Shoppers Drug Mart’s beauty section prompted another individual to cease shopping at the store altogether.

A recurrent grievance among former Loblaw shoppers was the perceived inflation of prices, notably on produce and other goods, prompting them to seek more affordable options elsewhere.

Additionally, the decision to revoke a 50% discount on nearly-expired items earlier in the year caused dissatisfaction among customers, leading to a public outcry that eventually prompted Loblaw to reinstate the discount.

The mounting discontent with Loblaw has culminated in discussions within the “Loblaws is out of control” Reddit community, with plans for a nationwide boycott of all Loblaw-owned stores, including No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Real Canadian Superstore, slated for May.

With over 38,000 members and growing, the group asserts that Loblaw symbolizes Canada’s cost of living crisis and demands a 15% reduction in prices, along with the removal of “member-only pricing” schemes.

While Loblaw has yet to respond to news of the impending boycott, the company recently issued a statement affirming efforts to mitigate food inflation.

As Canadians unite in expressing their dissatisfaction, the future relationship between consumers and Loblaw remains uncertain amidst calls for greater affordability and transparency in retail practices.

Data Source: dailyhive

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