Breaking News: Easter Weekend Closures Hit Guelph


As the Easter long weekend approaches, Guelph braces for the traditional closures that accompany the holiday season.

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In line with the annual observance, a multitude of retail establishments, including prominent outlets such as LCBO and the Beer Store, will remain shuttered on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Additionally, financial institutions and government offices will follow suit, ensuring a consistent pattern of closures throughout the city.

Residents seeking to stock up on essentials for the festivities are advised to plan ahead, as the majority of grocery stores within Guelph will also be closed on both Friday and Sunday. However, select drug stores will remain open, albeit with adjusted operating hours.

For those in need of last-minute libations, The Wine Rack store located on Paisley Street will remain open to cater to customers on both days of the weekend.

In a related development, postal services will experience a temporary hiatus on Good Friday, with regular mail delivery suspended for the day. However, a limited number of post office kiosks will remain operational during restricted hours to accommodate essential postal needs.

Transportation services within Guelph will undergo alterations during the holiday period. Guelph Transit will implement an on-demand service on Good Friday, with the exception of Route 99, which will maintain a 30-minute frequency between 9:15 a.m. and 6:45 p.m. Meanwhile, buses will adhere to their usual Sunday schedule on Easter Sunday.

Furthermore, GO Transit will operate on a Sunday timetable on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday, ensuring that commuters are adequately catered to throughout the weekend.

As Guelph residents prepare to celebrate Easter, the city anticipates a period of quiet reflection and familial gatherings amidst the backdrop of these temporary closures. Stay tuned to Guelph News Network for further updates on holiday-related developments.

Data Source : globalnews

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