New York Knicks Josh Hart Teams Up with NBA Veteran JJ Redick for Shooting Improvement


In a bid to enhance his performance from beyond the arc, New York Knicks’ forward Josh Hart has pledged to refine his 3-point shooting skills alongside former NBA teammate JJ Redick during the upcoming offseason.

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During Monday’s game against the Pistons, Hart showcased his versatility with a triple-double performance, amassing 11 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists in 39 minutes of play. However, his proficiency from long range has been inconsistent throughout the season, marked by a recent 3-for-31 slump over eight games.

Hart’s commitment to honing his shooting abilities comes after Redick, a seasoned veteran known for his sharpshooting prowess, expressed his willingness to assist his former colleague. Redick, who boasts a career shooting percentage of .415 across 15 NBA seasons, highlighted Hart’s remarkable rebounding skills and emphasized his integral role in the Knicks’ gritty playing style.

The collaboration between Hart and Redick holds promise for the Knicks as they seek to optimize their performance on the court. With Hart’s athleticism and Redick’s expertise, the duo aims to refine Hart’s shooting technique and elevate his efficiency beyond the arc.

Despite facing challenges in maintaining consistency from 3-point range this season, Hart remains a key contributor to the Knicks’ lineup, earning praise from head coach Tom Thibodeau for his valuable contributions on both ends of the court.

As the offseason approaches, Hart’s determination to improve his shooting proficiency underscores his commitment to personal growth and team success. With guidance from Redick and support from the Knicks organization, Hart aims to elevate his game and make significant strides in his performance next season.

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