Taiwan Earthquake Leaves Over 1,000 Injured, Hotel Workers Found Safe

Taiwan earthquake

In the aftermath of a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck eastern Taiwan, the number of injured individuals has surpassed 1,000, authorities report. Despite the devastation, the death toll has remained steady at nine. The earthquake, described as the most severe in 25 years, rattled the region on Wednesday morning, catching residents off guard as they prepared for their daily routines.

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The epicenter of the quake was situated in the rural and thinly populated county of Hualien. While the capital city of Taipei experienced violent tremors, damage and disruptions were relatively minimal.

According to Taiwan’s fire department, the tally of injuries has risen to 1,050, with 52 individuals still unaccounted for. However, there is a glimmer of hope as most of the nearly 50 hotel workers who were en route to a resort in Taroko National Park have been located. These workers were initially trapped on the cross-island highway, a key route connecting Hualien to the west coast and renowned for its scenic beauty.

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Drone footage released by authorities captured the moment when some of the stranded hotel workers, along with others, were spotted waving from the side of the road. Additionally, rescue teams managed to locate another group of 26 workers. The fire department also announced a successful helicopter rescue operation that saved six individuals trapped in a mining area.

Despite the challenges posed by the earthquake, there have been notable achievements in the restoration efforts. The railway line to Hualien has reopened earlier than expected, although one rural station remains closed due to structural damage.

In Hualien city, where rescue operations have been underway, residents are grappling with the aftermath of the quake. Many chose to spend the night outdoors, seeking refuge from over 300 aftershocks that have continued to shake the region. Among them is 52-year-old Yu, who recounted her fear and decision to seek shelter in a tent on a sports ground due to persistent aftershocks.

As the affected communities strive to recover from the disaster, authorities remain vigilant, ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents in the region.

Data Source: reuters

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