Google’s Find My Device Feature Activated in Play Services Beta


Google’s highly anticipated modernized Find My Device network has finally been activated in the latest beta version of Google Play Services. While the service has made its appearance in Play Services, it is not yet fully operational.

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The modernized Find My Device system was initially announced at Google I/O 2023, promising enhanced location tracking capabilities akin to Apple’s Find My network. By leveraging a network of devices including phones, tablets, and headphones, the updated system aims to provide more accurate location data for lost or misplaced devices.

Despite the announcement last year, the rollout of the modernized Find My Device network has been delayed. However, recent developments indicate that its launch is imminent. The network settings page is now live in the beta version of Google Play Services, allowing users to toggle Find My Device on or off and customize their level of interaction with the network.

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Although the settings page is fully functional, the Find My Device network itself remains inactive. Users will continue to rely on the traditional Find My Network system until the modernized network is officially launched.

The delay in the rollout of the Find My Device network can be attributed to the need for collaboration with Apple to ensure compatibility and security. While progress has been slower than anticipated, today’s news suggests that the launch may coincide with Google I/O 2024, scheduled to commence on May 14.

Once activated, the modernized network will pave the way for the introduction of AirTag-like trackers compatible with Android devices. Speculation is rife that Google may unveil its own tracker, codenamed “grogu,” alongside third-party offerings from partner companies like Chipolo.

Data Source: androidauthority

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