Audacy Stations Prepare Special Programming for Solar Eclipse Events

Audacy stations


The much-anticipated total solar eclipse slated for April 8th has sparked excitement across the nation. As the celestial event draws near, Audacy stations are stepping up to the plate, offering tailored programming to enhance listeners’ eclipse experience. From live coverage to specially curated playlists, here’s a preview of what Audacy has in store for audiences.

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Austin’s SunBLOCK Party

Mix 94.7 (KAMX-FM)

  • Partnering with The City of Dripping Springs for the SunBLOCK Party: Mix 94.7 is set to provide live coverage from Monday morning through the eclipse, ensuring listeners don’t miss a moment.
  • Eclipse Mix: Tune in for a special “Eclipse Mix” curated to complement the celestial spectacle.

Buffalo’s Eclipse Extravaganza


  • Live and Local Programming: WBEN brings audiences live coverage from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET, with reporters and experts stationed across Western New York.
  • Collaboration with Buffalo Museum of Science: Gain expert insights during the eclipse with WBEN’s collaboration with the Buffalo Museum of Science.

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Cleveland’s Celestial Celebration

Q104 (WQAL-FM)

  • The Q104 Eclipse Fix: Hosted by Bill Ryan, this program promises interviews, music, and updates to keep listeners engaged.

Star 102 (WDOK-FM)

  • Cleveland’s Morning Show: Jen and Tim curate a playlist of eclipse-themed tunes to set the mood.


  • Dark Side of the Tunes: Nard hosts a playlist with a celestial twist.

Dallas’s Countdown To Totality

NewsRadio 1080 KRLD (KRLD-AM)

  • Countdown To Totality: Starting at 5:00 a.m. CT, KRLD provides special coverage leading up to the eclipse.
  • Live Team Coverage: Tune in for live team coverage across Texas during the celestial event.

Memphis’s Eclipse Experience


  • Live Play-By-Play Coverage: Jason & John provide play-by-play coverage of the eclipse, keeping listeners informed.

104.5 The River (WRVR-FM)

  • Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Enjoy special coverage and a unique airing of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

99.7 The Wolf (WLFP-FM)

  • Eclipse-Themed Playlist: WLFP-FM sets the stage with an eclipse-themed playlist leading up to totality.

Rochester’s Eclipse Festival


  • ROC The Eclipse Festival: Join in the festivities with live coverage and music from WBEE.


  • Dark Side of the Moon: Experience the eclipse with Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” on WCMF.

98.9 The Buzz (WBZA-FM)

  • Total Eclipse of The Buzz: WBZA-FM presents special programming featuring listener-submitted songs.

St. Louis’s Great North American Eclipse Watch Party

Park Pacific

  • Rooftop Watch Party: Join the Great North American Eclipse Watch Party on the roof of Park Pacific.

News Radio 1120 KMOX (KMOX-AM)

  • Sky-High Coverage: News anchor Michael Calhoun covers the eclipse via Skype from a Southwest Airlines flight.


As communities gear up to witness the rare celestial event, Audacy stations are poised to deliver immersive and informative programming. Whether it’s live coverage, expert insights, or specially curated playlists, Audacy ensures listeners have a memorable experience during the solar eclipse.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How can I tune in to Audacy stations for eclipse coverage?
    • Simply tune in to your local Audacy station for live updates and special programming during the solar eclipse.
  2. Will Audacy stations provide information on safe eclipse viewing practices?
    • Yes, Audacy stations will offer guidance on safe viewing practices to ensure a memorable and safe eclipse experience.
  3. Can I expect interviews with experts during the eclipse broadcast?
    • Absolutely, Audacy stations are collaborating with experts to provide insightful commentary and analysis during the celestial event.
  4. Are there any interactive elements planned during the eclipse programming?
    • Some stations may incorporate interactive elements such as listener call-ins or social media engagement to enhance the experience.
  5. Will the eclipse coverage be available online for those unable to tune in via traditional radio?
    • Yes, many Audacy stations stream their programming online, ensuring that audiences can enjoy eclipse coverage regardless of their location.

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