Sunbird Revives iMessage for Android Amid Security Concerns

Sunbird's revival of iMessage for Android


Sunbird, the controversial app that previously attempted to bring iMessage for Android, is making a comeback despite past security issues. In a surprising move, the company has announced plans to relaunch its iMessage for Android services starting today.

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The Initial Backlash

Sunbird, originally introduced in 2022 with the ambitious goal of bridging the gap between iOS and Android messaging, faced immediate backlash due to significant security flaws. Following partnerships with companies like Nothing, Sunbird’s service, branded as “Nothing Chats,” was met with widespread criticism after reports of user data breaches and real-time message visibility.

Sunbird’s Retreat

In response to the backlash, Sunbird ceased operations indefinitely. However, the company has now resurfaced with promises of a more secure messaging experience.

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Enhanced Security Measures

Sunbird’s relaunch comes with claims of enhanced security measures, including the replacement of its previous architecture with a new AV2 architecture and integration with RCS via Google Messages. The company emphasizes measures to encrypt messages at the application layer, secure transmission channels, and strict access control lists for user data protection.

Organizational Changes

Furthermore, Sunbird has announced organizational changes, including the enlistment of independent security consultancy CIPHER and the addition of Jared Jordan, a former Google Director of Engineering for Gmail, as a formal advisor.

Skepticism and Concerns

While Sunbird’s efforts to address previous security concerns are commendable, skepticism remains among users and industry observers. Questions linger regarding the efficacy of the company’s revamped security measures and the accuracy of its claims, particularly regarding the employment status of its newly appointed advisor.

Balancing Innovation and Security

As Sunbird attempts to regain user trust, concerns persist about the potential risks associated with using its messaging platform. The company’s revival raises important questions about the balance between innovation and security in the fast-paced world of mobile messaging applications.


Sunbird’s decision to revive its iMessage for Android service sparks both curiosity and concern. While the promise of enhanced security measures and organizational changes is encouraging, users and industry experts remain cautious. Only time will tell whether Sunbird can truly deliver on its commitment to providing a secure experience iMessage for Android users.


1. Is Sunbird’s iMessage for Android service available worldwide?

Sunbird has announced plans to relaunch its iMessage for Android services, but availability may vary depending on geographical regions and partnerships.

2. How can users ensure their data security while using Sunbird’s messaging platform?

Users can take proactive measures such as updating their app regularly, using strong and unique passwords, and being cautious about sharing sensitive information over messaging apps.

3. What steps has Sunbird taken to address past security issues?

Sunbird has implemented a new AV2 architecture, integrated with RCS via Google Messages, enlisted independent security consultancy CIPHER, and added experienced advisors to enhance security measures.

4. Can users trust Sunbird’s claims of improved security?

While Sunbird’s efforts are promising, users should remain vigilant and assess the effectiveness of the implemented security measures over time.

5. What alternatives are available iMessage for Android users seeking secure messaging platforms?

There are several alternative messaging apps available iMessage for Android users, such as Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp, each with its own set of security features and user privacy policies.

Data Source: 9to5google

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